SDF hands over young man to Yazidi House

SDF handed over, a 19-year-old Yazidi who was abducted by ISIS mercenaries in 2014, to the Yazidi house in Jazeera Region after completing the necessary procedures.

The Yazidi House in Jazeera canton received young Daoud Kardo Khalaf who were abducted by ISIS mercenaries in 2014 after the SDF liberated them from ISIS mercenaries as part of the campaign to defeat terrorism.

The handover took place after the necessary procedures were completed by the SDF.

Daoud said in a brief statement to our agency that ISIS mercenaries abducted him and the rest of his family during the 2014 attack on Shengal, and was forced to undergo military courses and participate in military operations against Iraqi and SDF forces.

Daoud confirmed that he was forced to participate in three battles, and that he tried to flee several times, but his attempts failed. He finally turned himself in to the SDF during the battle to defeat terrorism.

Daoud said he would return to Shengal and seek to find his family and continue his normal life.

The Yazidi House's member of al- Jazeera region, Mahmoud Rasho, has confirmed that more than 260 Yazidis have so far been freed from the hands of ISIS mercenaries, mostly women and children, while Daoud is the first 19-year-old young man.

Rasho said they would work to get Daoud to his relatives in Shengal.


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