SDF holds solemn ceremony for 9 of martyrs of YAT

 The Syrian Democratic Forces are preparing to hold a solemn ceremony for 9 martyrs from the counter-terrorism units, the YAT and the forces called on the people to actively participate in the farewell ceremony.

 9 fighters of the Anti-Terrorism Units were killed as a result of the crash of two helicopters in Başûr (Southern) Kurdistan on the 15th of March.

 Today, the official website of the Syrian Democratic Forces published a statement announcing that they are about to hold a solemn ceremony for the martyrs, next Wednesday, March 22.

 The statement read:

 On Wednesday, March 22, our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, will hold an official, central, military and popular farewell ceremony for nine martyrs from the YAT Anti-Terrorism Units who were martyred in Southern Kurdistan during the crash of two helicopters on March 15.

 The ceremony, which will take place according to special arrangements at 11 am in the city of Hasakah, will receive popular and official delegations from all regions of north and east Syria, in addition to the partners of our forces in the war against terrorism.

 Our forces call upon the patriotic and moral sense of all our people, in the name of the pure blood of our martyrs that was spilled in order to protect the region and its components, to fulfill that blood and participate effectively in the farewell ceremony.



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