SDF issued statement on outcome of clashes with IS in Bagouz

The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) said that their forces managed to eliminate a number of mercenaries in al-Bagouz, including three female suicide bombers, in addition to destroying an arms depot, noting that SDF fighters are making further progress amid the outbreak of strong clashes.


The media center of SDF published a statement of the outcome of the clashes within the battle to defeat terrorism in the past 24 hours.

During the statement, the center said that the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters managed to eliminate 87 mercenaries, while seven suicide bombers including three women targeted the fighters' points.

The text of the statement is:

"Our fighters launched an attack on terrorist positions and gatherings in al-Bagouz. Violent clashes broke out, in which terrorists used heavy shelling. A bulldozer of our forces was hit, but no damage was done.

As four suicide bombers blew themselves up near our troops, one of our fighters was lightly wounded and scores of terrorists were killed in the clashes. Our forces have made progress in which they have established 28 new points. Global Coalition aircraft targeted the fortifications and locations of the terrorist organization, causing heavy casualties, including the detonation of a terrorist ammunition depot and several sites used to launch their attacks.

Our forces are advancing slowly because of the large number of tunnels in the area, as well as the mines planted by the terrorists.

In another axis of the front, our fighters launched a major attack, in which they advanced and were able to install (20) new points, amid very strong clashes with elements of the terrorist organization, and three women suicide bombers to blow themselves up close to our fighters, resulting in the martyrdom of one of our fighters and wounding 3 others were moderately wounded and taken to hospital for treatment.

In one of the points they took over, our fighters found a young boy with shrapnel in his foot during the bombing of the suicide bombers themselves and was taken directly to the hospital for treatment.

While the Global Coalition carried out several air strikes and missiles on terrorist sites and gatherings, whose results were not known.

On a third axis of the front, violent clashes took place between our fighters and members of the terrorist organization, which lasted several hours, our fighters managed to advance and install 13 new points. During the clashes, one of our fighters was martyred.

Final Outcome of the Clashes:

- The number of terrorist deaths: 87 / Terrorist.

- The number of suicide terrorists killed: 7 / terrorists, including 3 women.

- Terrorist losses: the destruction of the ammunition depot.

- The number of martyrs of our forces: /2 / martyrs.

- The number of injured fighters: /5 / fighters.



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