The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launches "Operation Oath" against spies and agents who caused the martyrdom of a number of leading fighters and commanders throughout the region.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement on their official website regarding the matter.

“The Turkish occupation state is with all its force attempting to destroy and target the peace and stability in Syrian regions, especially the region of North and East Syria. It attempts to create instability and chaos, thus creating grounds and conditions for occupation.”

The statement continued on the chaos and instability agents and spies attempt to create inside civil and military institutions and also pointed out that one of the main goals of these agents and spies is to create distrust and disbelief between the people and the autonomous administration and the military forces.

The statement continued: “Against this hostile and corrupt policy of the Turkish State, the SDF has been working extensively with the help of security institutions. This work is done patiently, confidentially and professionally. As a result of this investigation and surveillance work, many cells of agents and spies were identified, and their crimes were documented with evidence and documents. As the Syrian Democratic Forces, we started "Operation Oath" as part of this work. Because when our friends, our noble commanders Rênas Roj, Sosin Bîrhat and Egîd Girke Legê were martyred, we promised that we would those those responsible into account and expose all these attacks. On this basis, we started "Operation Oath". 36 people from the cities of Qamishlo, Hassakeh, Shaddadi, Deir Ezor, Raqqa, Manbij, Til Temir and Kobane were detained.”

The SDF pointed out in their statement that those arrested are responsible for great damages to the region and said: “These spy cells and agents have caused a lot of damage to the people of the region and have caused a lot of our people being martyred”

The SDF concluded their statement by calling on the people to support the security forces and to be cautious and aware of the enemy`s plans against the region:

“We appeal to all our people, especially to our people in the region of North and East Syria, to be aware of these special warfare activities of the Turkish State and the activities of organizing espionage. We call on you to help and support our security institutions. In order to protect the peace and security of our regions, every citizen of this region must see itself as responsible for this and fulfill its patriotic and social duty. Our wish and hope for our people; may our people trust, support and help SDF until the very end. In this way, we will be able to thwart the enemy's attempts to invade and create instability and we will be able to protect our region in a strong way."

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