SDF liberated another Yazidi woman from IS

SDF have liberated Yazidi woman from IS grip, during the last stage of Al-Jazeera Tempest campaign.


In 2014, IS mercenaries launched barbaric attack on Şengal province, hundreds of Yazidi women and children were kidnapped and taken to Syria to be sold in slavery's markets.

Janya Elias Khalaf who had been kidnapped since 2014, and she transferred to Syria by IS, Janya her name was changed by IS to be Hala Mohammed Hussein, she is at 28 years, she has 3 children, whose names are: Fardi who is at 7 years, Fraya who is at 5 years, Ahemd who is at 4 years.

Janya, whose origins are from the village of Rambusi, she was married in Şengal from Fadel Suleiman Ibrahim, he is from Tel- Banat people.

During her abduction by IS mercenaries, she was being forced to marry a mercenary named Abu Zaynab al-'Araqi for only two months. The mercenaries then assigned her to work as a maid in the house of the so-called " Amirs". The last of them was Abu Musab al-Jazrawi.

Janya will be handed over to Yazidi House in Al-Jazeera region who will be transporting her with her children to Şengal

SDF have liberated 200 Yazidi women during Al-Jazeera Tempest campaign.



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