SDF only force that liberated people from IS

The martyrs' parents have explained that SDF are based on humanitarian and moral duty to liberate the people from IS' mercenaries, noting that International Society must continue to support SDF to maintain the security and stability that has been achieved by martyrs' bloods.


IS' is imminent to be eradicated in full in the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor, the martyrs' families in Tirbespiyê district have expressed their happiness in defeating IS in the last pocket in al-Baguz village, confirming that, martyrs sacrificed their lives so that the people of north and east of Syria enjoy peace."

Hassan Thalaj, the father of the martyr Dara Tirbespiyê, who was martyred in the countryside of Tirbespiyê district, during the performance of his military duties, expressing his happiness at approaching the end of IS and said" "We are very happy these days because our SDF have managed to defeat terrorism, noting that for this we have made greatest sacrifices to establish free and democratic society, and the world to respect the will of our people.  

The mother of Martyr Hammoud Tirbespiyê, who was martyred during confrontation of People and Women Protection Units YPG, YPJ against IS' attacks in south of Tirbespiyê, Maha al-Habib said" this victory is great victory and I will give it to martyrs' families and wished the world to support the goals that sacrificed their children and thousands of martyrs with their lives to achieve them.




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