​​​​​​​SDF: Our comrade Aslan rose to martyrdom’s rank

The Syrian Democratic Forces announced the martyrdom of one of their fighters, and renewed their pledge to escalate the struggle against all forces trying to tamper with the security of the region, until achieving the goals of the martyrs in freedom and safety.

On Monday SDF’s Media Center issued a statement revealing a fighter's record, stating:

"After a long struggle in the midst of the revolution in North and East Syria in all its difficult stages, our comrade Aslan Alkan rose as a martyr, a witness and a participant in all stages of construction that achieved gains for all components of the region tirelessly.

Our comrade Aslan rose to the rank of martyrdom in the town of Al-Arima, west of the city of Manbij, as a result of targeting his car with an explosive device while performing his military duties within the ranks of al-Bab Military Council.

While we condole the comrades and family of the martyr, we renew our pledge to escalate the struggle against all forces that try to tamper with the security of our regions, and to build on the sacrifices of the martyrs until they reach all their goals of freedom and security.

The following is the record of the martyr:

Nom de guerre: Aslan Alkan

Name and surname: Ammar Al-Ahmad

Mother's name: Fatima

Father's name: Satam

Place and date of birth: Serêkaniyê, 1991

The place and date of martyrdom: Al-Arima, June 02, 2023.

T/ Satt.


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