SDF: our people ought to be vigilant

General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces stressed that protesting activities should not be turned into means to strike at peace and security calling for caution and not to drag behind any outside propaganda. 

A statement was released by the General Command of the SDF on what happened in Shadadi yesterday as some tried to create sedition and chaos.

'' we witnessed cautiously what happened in Shadadi yesterday and other areas of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, to which we would like to define our position to our people confirming that competing service and civil bodies are responsible for such issues and not the SDF whose responsibility for many years has been to give protection to the region and doing it's duties in preserving peace and security in the region, more notably the ferocious war against ISIS and other radical groups, in which it made immeasurable sacrifices to preserve an honourable life in the region. Based on this, we lay stress that all protests and activities should not turn into means to subvert peace and security and that violent protests pose dangers to society and never serves our people's benefits.

It was noticed that yesterday in Shadadi some face masked individuals as well as other armed ones hidden among protesters attacked security posts and centers. Our people ought to be vigilant and not drag behind sedition attempts that some parts try to sow and to abide by the right to rightful expression''.



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