SDF released 49 detainees among them woman

On a well-intentioned initiative and in response to the request of the Arab and Kurdish clans elders in al-Raqqa city, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released on Saturday 49 detainees, including a woman whose hands were not stained with the Syrians blood, and who had been arrested earlier.

The release took place in the yard of al-Raqqa Civil Council in the presence of the clans’ elders and notables in al-Raqqa city, commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces, in addition to the families of the detainees.

During the release process, Ayed al-Hadi, the sheikh of al-Musa al-Zaher clan, thanked SDF for accepting the request of the tribal elders, and urged those released to be more positive in the society, start their lives anew, and be more responsible in building the homeland.


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