SDF revealed outcome of 32nd day of Resistance of Dignity

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) mentioned that drones affiliated with the Turkish occupation army had bombarded several places in NE Syria, and referred to attempts of the occupation army and the mercenaries to occupy more areas.

The SDF disclosed the outcome of the 32nd day of Resistance of Dignity, and a written statement included:

“The reconnaissance planes of the Turkish invasion army continued targeting various areas of NE Syria despite of conducted agreements to setup a ceasefire on last October 17th.

The Turkish invasion army and terrorist factions affiliated with it attacked these areas using different types of weapons targeting Qezali and Musherfa villages that inhabited with civil residents, trying to occupy new areas

Our forces in the frame of their right in self-defense foiled these attacks and forced the terrorists to pull out after killing and injuring unknown number of attackers due to heavy clashes that took place.

During the heroic resistance, 5 of our fighters were martyred and 3 of them were injured.

SDF Media Center”

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