SDF revealed outcome second stage of battle to defeat terrorism

Syrian Democratic Forces have revealed during a press conference the outcome of the "battle to defeat terrorism" since its resumption in the second stage on 9 January 2019 until Sunday (March 17th).


The Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statement read at a press conference in the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor revealed the number of surrenders, prisoners and exiles from al- Baguz during the battle to defeat terrorism, and said:

Our forces continue their battle to defeat terrorism in the last stage of which began on January 9, 2019, where it has achieved great victories against the terrorist organization "Daesh", and the battles are now confined in small pocket in al-Baguz village in the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zor.

Thousands of civilians had been evacuated by SDF who were being used as humane shield by IS, but IS now is besieged in the al-Baguz, under the harsh blows and the continuation of the International Coalition to provide air support, large numbers of IS' elements and their families forced to surrender to our forces, resulted in killing and wounding hundreds of them, the following is a summary of the number of civilians who have been evacuated, As well as members of the terrorist organization, including their families who surrendered to our forces, In addition to the number of martyrs we have provided in this battle, and that since the beginning of the last battle on 09/01/2019 to date:

1 - The number of families of terrorists who surrendered to our forces (29,600), including more than (5,000) terrorists.

2 - The number of terrorists detained in special operations of our forces: 520 / Terrorist.

3 - The number of civilians who had been evacuated: 34,000 / civilians.

4 - The number of terrorists killed: 1,306 terrorists and a large number of wounded.

5 - Number of our martyr's fighters / 82 / martyrs.

6- Number of wounded fighters: 61 fighters.



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