SDF reveals outcome of combat operations during past 24 hours

The SDF revealed the outcome of combat operations for the 39th day in the north and east of Syria, and said that the Turkish army heavily bombed villages in Ain Isa area, as well as hovering drones in the countryside of Tal- Tamr.

The SDF Media Center issued a statement to the public opinion on the outcome of combat operation during the past 24 hours.

The statement said: "The Turkish invasion army and terrorist factions continue to launch attacks with heavy weapons and drones.


In order to occupy new areas, Turkish invasion army drones continued to hover over the entire front line.

Ain Issa

The Turkish invasion army heavily shelled with tanks and guns the village of Bir Kino near the village of Qazali. It also targeted the village of Mushairefah with heavy weapons. The shelling resulted in material damage to civilians' properties.

Due to this brutal attack with heavy weapons two of our fighters have been martyred and 2 others wounded.



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