SDF still progressing in al-Baguz

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue advancing in al-Baguz, the last strongholds of IS mercenaries in Deir ez-Zor countryside, east of the Euphrates.


The Arab newspapers issued on Tuesday touched upon the progress of SDF in al-Baguz, and turning Syria into a firing range to experience the Russian weapons.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: SDF advance from five axes in the last pocket of IS»

On the Syrian issue, al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper touched upon the fighting in al-Baguz, and said, "The International Coalition's aircrafts and the artillery of SDF continued on Monday to bombard the outskirts of al-Baguz town which is still under the control of IS, east of the Euphrates.

A field commander in the ranks of SDF fighting in al-Baguz town said, "The military operation which began on Sunday achieved its goal. We have controlled on several points of IS organization. The International Coalition's aircrafts and the artillery are shelling the area that is still under the control of the organization."

The field commander added, "The land forces are steadily advancing and controlling over new points, while the area controlled by IS is being shrunk. The field commander also assured, "The progress of our forces is ongoing cautiously because of the bombs and mines planted by IS organization, but we are able to progress and resolve the battle within hours; however, we are working to end the presence of IS in al-Baguz town as soon as possible. The matter will not exceed 48 hours if the operations continue, or the elements of IS surrender themselves."

Al-Hayat: Russia experienced 316 types of weapons in the Syrian "shooting field"

For its part, al-Hayat newspaper dealt with the subject of Russia's experience of its weapons in Syria and wrote, "The Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said that his country tested 316 new types of weapons in Syria."

Shoygu's remarks came in an expanded meeting of the Defense Committee of the Russian Duma Council (Parliament) on Monday, and they touched on Russia's defensive capabilities and providing the Russian army with the most recent military technologies.

The Russian minister reviewed with the heads of the parliamentary blocs in the Duma an exhibition on the weapons used in the Russian military operation in Syria.

Shoygu noted, "Over the past six years, more than 3,000 tanks and armored vehicles, more than 1,000 aircrafts and helicopters, and more than 200 ballistic missiles have been provided to the armed forces. In the meantime, 316 samples of modern weapons have been tested in Syria."

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Russian-Turkish contacts to open the road of Aleppo- Gaziantep

In the context of the Turkish-Russian agreements in Syria, al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper quoted from Turkish sources that a meeting between Turkish and Russian military officials was held in the north of the Syrian city, Aleppo, and discussed the necessary preparations for the opening of the international road between Aleppo and Gaziantep.

The opening of the international road between Aleppo and Gaziantep in front of the movement of trade and transport is considered an application of the agreements between Ankara and Moscow on the file of the Syrian north within the path of Astana.

In this context, a military meeting was held southwest of Azaz city between the Turkish and Russian forces near Tel Rifaat city, north of Aleppo.

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