​​​​​​​SDF: Turkish aggression against Qarachokh confirms blatant cooperation between Turkey and ISIS

​​​​​​​The Syrian Democratic Forces clarify that the Turkish aggression against Qarachokh confirms the close and blatant cooperation between the Turkish occupation state and ISIS mercenaries, and confirmed that the Turkish occupation state is still launching brutal attacks against the region.

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the Turkish occupation state's launch of its aggression against the regions of NE Syria, by the air attack on Mount Qarachokh in Derik district of Qamishlo Canton, and on this occasion, the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statement to the public opinion.

The statement reads: “Today we recalls 20 of our comrades who were martyred as a result of the Turkish terrorist aggression against the headquarters of the Military Operations Command against ISIS and the Media Center of the People’s Protection Units YPG in Mount Qarachokh in Derik region 6 years ago, as we and our people lost on this date great fighters, who left behind a legacy of resistance and sacrifice against all parties that do not want good for our people and our land.”

The statement praised the people stance following the Turkish attack, "We also remember the honorable patriotic and moral position of our people in NE Syria when the terrorist attack took place, and those who defied Turkish terrorism and headed to the top of Mount Qarachokh, confirming their loyalty to the blood of the martyrs."

The SDF indicated through the statement: "The Turkish aggression against Qarachokh confirms what was confirmed by the documents and videos about the close and blatant cooperation between the Turkish occupation state and the terrorist organization ISIS and coordination in the attack on our regions in NE Syria with the aim of obstructing our struggle against terrorism, as our forces were at the time in advanced stages; To eliminate the alleged capital of the terrorist organization - Raqqa, as the Turkish attacks helped ISIS to gain more time, organize its ranks and bring new members to undermine the efforts of eliminating it."

The statement indicated that the aggression against Qarachokh coincided with the annual remembrance of the massacre committed by Turkey against more than a million and a half Armenians nearly a century ago, which proves without hesitation the brutal history of the Turkish occuppation state, which is based on the extermination toward indigenous peoples.

The statement stressed that the Turkish occupation state is still launching brutal attacks against the regions of NE Syria and constantly threatening them, and once again demonstrates its endeavor to provide assistance to revive ISIS and find a safe foothold for it at the expense of the security and stability of millions of residents in Northeast Syria, who are constantly subjected to multiple attacks, from ISIS and Turkey.

And the statement "While we and our partners focus on the final elimination of terrorist cells, the Turkish occupation power is harnessing all its capabilities to undermine security and stability in the region and destroy the safe environment for the  people who were  liberated from the grip of ISIS during the past years."

The Syrian Democratic Forces affirmed through the statement: "Our forces are struggling responsibly and sacrificing their fighters to secure a future for our people and the region, as our commitment to the honorable struggle remains inalienable, and in loyalty to the blood of our martyrs we will remain committed to exploring more methods of resistance to defeat the Turkish occupation and liberate our occupied areas."


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