​​​​​​​SDF: We call on guarantor parties to take field steps to prevent Turkey from committing more killings

The Syrian Democratic Forces said that the indiscriminate Turkish bombing of populated areas turned the area into a war zone, and called on the guarantor parties to "take field steps to prevent Turkey from committing more killings against our people."

 The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statement regarding the continuation of the Turkish occupation state's attacks on populated areas in north and east Syria.

 The text of the statement stated:

 "Residential areas and civil facilities in the town of Zarkan / Abu Rasin and Sherawa district, south of Afrin, have been subjected to indiscriminate shelling since this morning by the artillery of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, although these areas bear clear signs of overcrowding with civilians from their original residents and the displaced people of the Ras al-Ain / Suriya area.  Kaniya and Afrin occupied.

 Since this morning, the occupation has bombed, since this morning, more than 320 unspecified shells, civilian homes, medical institutions and communications in the center of Zarkan town, which shelters more than 7,000 civilians, where the bombing is still continuing and targeting large areas in the area.

 In Sherawa district and the town of Tel Rifaat, the occupation bombed civilian forests and farms with more than 140 artillery shells, causing extensive material damage.

 The continuous indiscriminate Turkish bombardment against civilian populated areas has turned the area into a real war zone and comes within the framework of the collective punishment policy pursued by the occupation army against the people of the region and confirms the Turkish tendency not to distinguish between military and civilian targets, especially in light of the deliberate use of military methods and long-range weapons that  not suitable for use against civilian populated areas.

 The Turkish insistence on transferring the battlefield to populated areas and giving civilians the choice between killing or displacement is a clear war crime. We call on all international human rights institutions to investigate Turkish crimes since 2018 and refer the criminals responsible for them to the competent courts. We also call on the international guarantor parties to express  Concrete field steps to prevent the Turkish occupation from committing more killings against our people.



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