​​​​​​​ SDF's Spox: Turkey exploits Ukraine crisis to attack our region

 SDF spokesman, Aram Hanna, explained that the Turkish occupation state is exploiting the Ukrainian-Russian war to implement its plans in north and east Syria, blaming the international community and the guarantor countries for the crimes committed by the occupation against the people of the region.

 With the start of the Russian military action in Ukraine on the 24th of last February, the Turkish occupation state tried again to benefit from it;  to carry out its plans.

 The Turkish occupation state builds its expansionist policy permanently on the existing conflicts in the world, in an effort to revive its Ottoman era full of massacres, and to establish itself as a leader of the Salafi Brotherhood project in the region, by supporting all terrorist organizations, starting with the Muslim Brotherhood and ending with ISIS mercenaries.

 In this context, SDF spokesman Aram Hanna said in an interview with our agency: "The Turkish occupation state seeks to take a green light to launch new attacks on north and east Syria to achieve its terrorist interests and ambitions, and sees the world's preoccupation with the Ukrainian-Russian war as an opportunity to carry out this attack.

 He added, "Also, the Turkish occupation builds its relations on the basis of interest and ambitions in expansion, and we have seen its tendency to the Russian and American sides in order to expand and occupy more areas in northern Syria."

 In recent days, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries targeted places of worship and inhabited villages, in an attempt to force the people to migrate, as a number of citizens were injured and the people's property was severely damaged.

 Hanna says, "The features of the political goals of the Turkish occupation state within our areas become clear to us through its attack on all the peoples of northern and eastern Syria with all its components. The occupying state often used the pretext of attacking a specific group or entity in northern and eastern Syria, but through its recent attacks, it was found that they are trying to destabilize the region and make hotbed for terrorist organizations.

 Hanna continued, "Since the beginning of this April, the Turkish occupation has escalated its attacks in an effort to commit more crimes, and we saw how the poet it targeted Farhad Mardi while he was on his way to celebrate the (Akito) party in Tirbespiye and a member of the General Command of the Syriac Military Council, accompanied by the translator in Tal Tamr."

 The recent Turkish occupation bombing targeted the Tel Tamer power station, which is only hundreds of meters away from the Russian base, but as usual and in a sign that it agrees with the occupation in its attacks, it remains silent, to the sources of fire.

 The Turkish occupation is hiding behind the Russian silence, which is the main guarantor in the Tel Tamer area, with the aim of forcing the Autonomous Administration to concede to the Damascus government and accept its conditions to destabilize the region by inciting public opinion against the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Autonomous Administration.

 Regarding their contact with the Russian forces and the international coalition, spokesman Aram Hanna said, "We are in direct contact with the international coalition forces and the Russian forces present in the area. We directly exchange detailed field reports with them and their negative consequences for the citizens and the populated villages."

 "We value their role in the region within the framework of stopping violations, but it does not translate into effective and serious steps to stop the violations of the occupation," he added.

 Hanna held the guarantor parties responsible for what is happening, saying, "We hold the international bodies in north and east Syria responsible for the Turkish violations and we demand the international community to clarify its position on these events within our regions and to highlight a serious position to stop them."

 SDF spokesman Aram Hanna ended his speech by saying: "The SDF took the initiative to take all necessary measures to ensure the security and safety of the region and stand in the face of such ambitions," stressing that they are defensive forces that respond to the sources of fire in the appropriate manner and time.



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