​​​​​​​Secretary General of Arab Parliamentary Initiative: Erdogan's ambitions are most dangerous threat to Arab national security

The Secretary General of the Arab Parliamentary Initiative, Jamal Bouhasan, said that Erdogan's ambitions to restore the influence of the defunct Ottoman Empire are the most serious threat to Arab national security. He called on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards Turkey's occupation of the neighboring countries.

The Secretary General of the Arab Parliamentary Initiative and former member of the Bahraini Parliament, Jamal Bouhasan, said that Erdogan's ambitions to restore Turkish influence of the Ottoman Empire are the most serious real threat to Arab national security, as the Turkish president is working to extend the influence of the Turks in the Arab countries through his blatant and rejected interference from before the Arab peoples and the international community.

In a special statement to our agency, Bouhasan pointed out that the Erdogan regime persisted in its arrogance which led to the Arab and international community rejecting all its "childish" practices, especially in Syria, Libya and Iraq, as he carried out direct military intervention in these countries, which means that it leaves no room and doubt that it is a "Turkish foreign occupation of Arab countries." The world has witnessed the extent of the damage caused by the Turkish regime as a result of its military intervention, as it displaced and killed defenseless civilians and destroyed cities and villages.

The former Bahraini parliamentarian pointed out that "The witness to the current Turkish crimes takes us back to the era of the Ottoman occupation of the Arab countries in the name of the Islamic State, where the Ottoman state at the time carried out what Erdogan is doing at this time in terms of killing, displacement and destruction."

He emphasized that the Turkish occupation of Arab countries is a "brutal and rapist occupation", as the Turkish regime is exploiting "terrorist militias" to fight alongside its regular army, and this is confirmed by international and Arab intelligence reports.

He revealed that Erdogan wants to seize the wealth and gains and dominate their capabilities in the name of liberating them from the slavery of the current regimes.

He indicated that the Turkish regime seeks to restore the Turkish empire and seize the capabilities of the Arab peoples.

Bouhassan explained that the Turkish regime is not aware of the consequences of these reckless and empty behavior, as the Arab peoples have become "very angry" about these irresponsible practices.

At the end of his speech, Jamal Bouhasan said: “Since these Turkish actions are considered a clear occupation of sovereign states according to international norms and conventions, the international community is required to assume its responsibility in preserving the sovereignty and independence of countries from such clumsy and irresponsible acts.”



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