Security checkpoints among Syrian cities.. Syrians’ nightmare

Bullying, arrogant response, insults and obscene words are the first things you may find when you answer a phone call while you are passing through the Syrian government checkpoints and mercenaries loyal to Turkey, and a picture on your phone may be a reason for putting you in prison under torture for decades.

A decade now, the Syrian status quo did not change; there are no signs of a solution in sight, with the continuing international conflict on the Syrian arena.

At home, the situation for the Syrians does not look promising in many areas, except for the destruction and the repercussions of the crisis, such as high prices and unemployment.

Hurdles of death and money

Some of those who tried to pass through security checkpoints in the Turkish occupation areas say: “It is really terrifying for a citizen to pass through the security checkpoints belonging to the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation.

The checkpoints of the city of Jarablus, and the checkpoints at the border crossings that link Turkey and the occupied Syrian regions, are among the most security barriers that mercenaries rely on to collect money, by taking bribes and stealing what citizens possess at gunpoint or by throwing them into prisons under flimsy pretexts.

Arrested because he is a Kurd

Kawa Bozo, one of those arrested by Turkish mercenaries, while passing from Jarablus from Turkey to his city, Kobani, says that the mercenaries arrested him because he was a Kurd, and they took away a laptop, under the pretext of going to join the Syrian Democratic Forces and join the Autonomous Administration.

According to Kawa, the mercenaries told him during his arrest: "You have pictures with Kurdish symbols, and you have friendships on Facebook from the Kurds residing in northern and eastern Syria."

In addition to Kawa Bozo suffering over the course of 6 months in prisons under torture without any justification just because he is a Kurd.

The Syrian government and the intransigence of the 50 years has not changed despite the destruction of half of Syria

In order to move from one city to another, you need a set of work, as if you are entering a workshop, and this kit is pounds accompanied by an experienced driver who is friendly to the army and security officers in the Damascus government army.

As if the devastation that befell Syria, land and people, was not enough for the Damascus government to change anything from the arrogance of its officers and members at the security checkpoints, from insulting passers-by and robbing them, to the satisfaction of those paying bribes and opening markets at the security checkpoints, according to civilian sources.

State Security is the first military checkpoint that any citizen encounters who go to cities under the control of government forces, after few kilometers comes Air Force Intelligence checkpoint, in which the citizen’s documents are also scanned, then comes the Fourth Division checkpoint, which searches all the citizens' belongings under the pretext of inspection, and fined under the name "customs".

This is followed by state security and army checkpoints, and none of the aforementioned are free of bribes and insults in obscene language, which are not up to the Syrian social morals.

Then the security hierarchy scenario returns again to all these checkpoints, and on the same first order of the hierarchy of barriers starting with the military state security and ending with the fourth division until the number of these barriers on a road such as Manbij-Aleppo or Tabqa-Aleppo road reaches more than 30 security checkpoints that are practiced.

One of the citizens, who did not reveal his name due to security necessities, says, He goes periodically to Aleppo because his trade is there, but the security checkpoints do not care if you carry a weapon or any kind of contraband as long as you bribe them.

He also said: The government forces insult passers-by who go to Syrian cities during the transition between the conflict areas, by insulting in the most vile words just because the citizen raised his phone and spoke to someone.

No wonder whatever members of the Damascus government do. The government, which keeps the recruit for ten years in compulsory service, will turn a blind eye to his heinous actions against citizens to win his loyalty, but the citizen is always the loser.



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