Security concern in Israel about Houthis’ threats

Israeli security sources expressed concern about the Houthi threats to hit targets in Israel, and said: The recent attacks on Iran may push the group to implement its threats.

The Israeli "Mukor Rishon" website, quoting Israeli security sources, said that there is concern in the security establishment about the recent Houthi threats in Yemen to hit Israeli targets.

The sources noted, "The Houthi threats should not be underestimated, because there are capabilities available to them to hit targets in Israel."

The site added: "Iran is preparing for a military response against Israel in the wake of a series of explosions targeting its nuclear facility at Natanz.

The website quoted : "The possibility of Iran implementing its threats increased following the signing of a new military agreement with Syria that stipulated Iran's development of the Syrian air defense system and its provision of new Khordad 3 missiles."

It continued: "Iran may implement its military response against Israel from the Syrian territories or from the Yemeni lands through the Houthis. The closest point to Yemen in Israel is the city of Eilat, which makes it the most threatening of the Houthi missiles."

The Israeli Mukor Rishon mentioned another scenario exists, which is the Houthis targeting Israeli ships sailing in the Bab Al-Mandab Straits with Barr missiles, or by sending suicide explosive ships targeting Israeli ships.

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