Security official: continued Turkish expansion in Iraq paves way for its occupation

 The security specialist, Muhammad Al-Saadi, warned of the danger of the continued Turkish expansion in Iraqi territory in light of the government's silence.

 And the security specialist, Muhammad Al-Saadi, said today, Friday, that "there is a possibility that Turkey will deploy terrorist elements in areas for confusing the security scene and drawing attention to the locations of terrorist presence at a time when its forces are advancing towards new areas within  Iraq".

 Al-Saadi added that "Turkey is expanding daily inside Iraqi territory under the pretext of fighting PKK elements, but the truth is that its forces are moving towards new areas to establish camps inside them," according to the Information Agency.

 And he indicated that "what is happening in northern Iraq is similar to northern Syria, and it is likely that the coming days will be worse in terms of the Turkish forces advancing towards new areas in light of the government's silence."

 Since the 17th of last April, the Turkish occupation has bombed areas of southern Kurdistan in collusion with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, amid the silence of the Iraqi government.



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