Seizing municipalities is political blow to democracy in Bakur Kurdistan

The mayors and administrators in the People’s Municipality in Afrin region said that the Justice and Development government seizing the municipalities is a political blow to the democracy in Bakur Kurdistan (Northern Kurdistan), and noted that the municipalities in Bakur Kurdistan have won by people’s will, which handicaps the thoughts of the Turkish government.

In August 19, the AKP seized three major municipalities in Amed, Mardin and Wan in Bakur (Northern Kurdistan), isolating their mayors and replacing them with people appointed by Turkey.

In this regard, our agency ANHA in Al-Shahba canton met with the heads and administrators of People’s Municipality of Afrin canton and denounced the Justice and Development practices against the municipalities.

The joint mayor of the municipality, Faiq Ahmed, condemned the takeover of the municipalities by the government of Justice and Development and said: "These practices are a political blow by the Turkish state on the democracy of Bakur Kurdistan."

"looking back to history, we see that Turkey has built its presence on the genocide of the Kurdish people, all their policies are based on cultural and agricultural genocide, burning and killing."

Ahmed pointed out that peace is the demand of the Democratic Peoples’ Party in Bakur Kurdistan, so the Turkish state resorted to a policy of repression against the party, to break the voice of democracy and peace. He noted, “Bakur municipalities have won by legal means, with the voices of the people and their will, and this hinders the authoritarian ideas of justice and development. ''

For her part, Zuhriban Hussein an administrator in the People’s Municipality condemned the policies of the government of Justice and Development against the women of Bakur Kurdistan and the seizure of municipalities, said: "Turkey is trying in these ways to block the way for Kurdish women to cast their votes to reach their goals."

She said that Turkey, through its policy, is trying to obliterate the victories achieved by women in recent years and break their will.



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