Self-Defense Forces established in Başûr Kurdistan

The establishment of "Self-Defense Forces in Başûr Kurdistan" was announced in Başûr Kurdistan, during a statement and military ceremony.

The ceremony for the establishment of the "Self-Defense Forces of Southern Kurdistan" was organized in the mountains of southern Kurdistan and during the ceremony a statement on behalf of the forces was read to the public.

According to a statement read by one of the commanders of the forces "The area of ​​Jinakok in Başûr Kurdistan has been systematically subjected to Arabization campaign, in addition to acts of looting and murder and the abduction of the people."

The new Ottoman state continues its efforts to occupy all parts of Kurdistan, particularly Başûr Kurdistan. Unfortunately, the Başûr forces are partners in this occupation, and do not take any positions on the looting and theft of cultural, economic and geographical values."

The statement referred to the Self-Defense Forces in Başûr Kurdistan, which was founded in response to the silence of the authorities in Başûr Kurdistan against the Turkish occupation. The statement stressed that all the headquarters and bases of the Turkish occupation in Başûr Kurdistan will be a target of troops, and the forces appealed to all Peshmerga fighters and political parties in Başûr to support them to remove occupiers from Kurdistan.

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