Senem Moahmmed: Washington must put pressure to reach political settlement in Syria

The representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in US stressed that Washington must continue to work to stabilize the newly liberated areas of Daesh mercenaries in Syria and use its influence to put pressure for a political settlement in the war-torn country.

Senem Mohammed, representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in Washington, told Voice of America "The United States, which helped in defeating Daesh mercenaries a militarily at this time, should contribute to stability in Syria."

"The United States must now focus on easing tensions in the region and preventing new conflicts," said Senem Mohammed.

And added "Supporting the democratic project in northeastern Syria will be a turning point in the future of the country, which will help change the [Syrian] regime and establish a democratic system that includes all Syrians. "

Since 2014, the United States has led International Coalition against Daesh mercenaries. In March, and SDF announced victory over a Daesh in their last stronghold in eastern Syria.

"There are voices in the Trump administration and in the US Congress calling for this withdrawal and warned of its consequences in enabling Russian and Iranian influence," the Syrian official said.

Last month, nearly 400 US lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats, sent a letter to President Trump urging him to continue his participation in Syria.

"The conflict in Syria is very complex, and the potential solutions are not perfect, but our only choice is to develop policies that can stop the growing threats to US interests, regional security and stability," the letter said.

Some Syrian experts believe that US involvement in any peace process in Syria is key to ending the civil war in Syria that has erupted since 2011.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the United States has supported various peace initiatives, including multilateral talks within Syria sponsored by the United Nations in Geneva, which have produced no significant results.

"The United States should take the initiative to start a breakthrough in political negotiations in Syria," said Mohammed al-Abdullah, director of the Washington-based Center for Justice and Accountability in Washington.

"The United States needs to instill some confidence in the political process, including the pressure on the release of detainees, the cessation of military action in Idlib and the work to stop the confiscation of people's properties so that people can return to their homes," Abdullah said.



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