Şengal Council: Return continues so we must organize ourselves, preserve our land

The Joint Presidency Deputy of the Autonomous Administration Council in Şengal said that the return of the Yazidi families to Şengal continues, while he called for all the people of Şengal to return to their territory and organize themselves to guarantee the non-repetition of massacres against them and preserve the Yazidi land.

Şengal province was exposed in 2014 to a brutal attack by ISIS mercenaries, through which massacres were committed against the Yazidi Kurds, and thousands of women and children were kidnapped, while thousands of families displaced towards the camps of Başûr Kurdistan, Rojava and Bakur Kurdistan. 

In the mid of last June, the families in the camps of Başûr Kurdistan returned gradually after the situation in the region got stable. Moreover, the Autonomous Administration Council worked on providing services to them through its committees.

During a statement to our agency ANHA, Hesso Ibrahim, the Joint Presidency Deputy of Şengal Council pointed out that the number of the families returned to their homes since mid-June was about 1,300 families, and all of them returned from Başûr Kurdistan camps to which they displaced in 2014. 

Talking about the necessity of the Yazidis return to their land and homes, Ibrahim said: "Everybody must know that Şengal is our land, and we should not keep it empty," while he recalled what the Yazidi villages in Bakur Kurdistan witnessed, which have been deserted after their people were exposed to the massacres and displaced at the hands of the Ottomans.

In addition, hundreds of Yazidi villages were exposed to attacks and massacres at the hands of the ottomans in Bakur Kurdistan, while 400 villages that belong to "al-Khalta" clan witnessed the most brutal attacks, as they were exposed to looting, destroying, killing and displacing their people.

Hesso also said: "Our people must organize themselves on their land, increase their will and work on supporting their military forces," adding that we must consider the massacres  committed and decrees issued against us, know whoever protected us and whoever failed to do so, putting an end to them.

The Joint Presidency Deputy of the Autonomous Administration Council in Şengal concluded his speech saying: "The situation in Şengal is stable and safe, our daughters and youths protect us, and we in Şengal Council devoted all our possibilities and energies for serving the returned, in addition to providing services for them."



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