Şengalî people bid farewell 3 fighters of YBŞ

Hundreds of Şengalî people bid farewell three fighters of Şengalî Protection Units YBŞ martyrs, during solemn ceremonies, which were held in the shrine of the martyrs Berxwedan and Dilgeş.

Yesterday, Turkish occupation army planes bombed the village Dîgurê in Şengalî province, and this resulted in martyrdom 4 fighters from Şengalî Protection Forces.

And the funerals of the martyrs were held, "the fighters whose name are "Nizar Babir Murad (Zerdeşt Şengalî), the fighter Ayman Babir Murad (Şervan Cîlo), and the fighter Ali Hussein Khadr (Êzdîn Şengalî) at the shrine of the martyrs Berxwedan and Dilgeş in Sînunê district belonging to Şengalî province.

Hundreds of people from Şengalî, members of civil and military institutions in the region participated in the ceremony.

The body of the martyr Hamid Şengalî was buried separately yesterday, Wednesday, according to demand of his parents.



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