“Şengal Protection Units, residents will resist any Turkish aggression”

A number of Şengal residents said that Turkish occupation is trying to commit a massacre against Yazidi people through false claims, they stressed that the Şengal Protection Units and residents will resist any Turkish aggression on Şengal areas calling the Kurdish people to unite.


Şengal people called on the Kurdish forces and parties to unite and hold a national Kurdish conference to express a clear position towards the Turkish threats against parts of Kurdistan.

In order to know the views of Şengal people about the Turkish threats, Hawar news agency ANHA met with a number of Şengal residents, the resident Sherzad Shemo said "Şengal, which lived the massacres and genocide by IS mercenaries under the leadership of Turkish state, is witnessing new threats to commit genocide on flimsy pretext in attempt to restore its Ottoman project in Şengal, which failed thanks to the fighters of People Defense Forces.

He said that People Defense Forces (HPG) "Guerilla" were completely out of Şengal areas after completing their tasks, stressing that Turkey's claims of the presence of HGP in Şengal are false, "Turkey is trying to legitimize the attack on Şengal, to commit another massacre against Yazidi community as committed by IS mercenaries."

Sherzad Shemo said that the Iraqi army is now inside Şengal; therefore, the Iraqi state must respond to any threats or Turkish attack on Şengal areas, noting that the people of Şengal reject any Turkish occupation and will resist the occupation with all force.

The citizen Marwan Khadija, noted that the Turkish occupation threat of Şengal targeting all Iraqi cities and Başûr Kurdistan, "Turkey is trying to occupy Iraq in full and the first is Şengal, which the gangs of Erdogan have already committed massacres against Yezidis in it.

"Turkish occupation sees all Kurds as terrorists, not only PKK and People Defense Forces, they are targeting the Kurds everywhere," Marwan said.

"Turkey, which has used its mercenaries to attack Şengal, has failed to control it thanks to the Guerilla, and we say that any other attack will fail thanks to Şengal Protection Units and resistance residents," Marwan said.

At the end of his speech, Marwan Khadija called on all Kurdish people to unite against Turkish aggression.

As for Ibrahim Omar, he stressed that Şengal people, who has resisted for ages will resist Turkish occupation at any cost, "If Turkey tried to intervene in Şengal areas, the aggression will be addressed by the people of Şengal, and Iraqi state has to clarify its position on Turkish threats to Şengal.

Ibrahim said that the Turkish threats targeted Şengal in particular and the gains of Başûr Kurdistan in general.

At the end of his speech, Ibrahim appealed to Kurdish forces and political parties to unite against Turkish aggression and hold a comprehensive national Kurdish conference to put an end to the Turkish threats against Kurdistan and the Kurds in general.




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