Serdem camp.. Projects completed, others in progress

The administration of Serdem camp connected the internet to the camp and it is working to open a park within the camp.


As part of the service works carried out by Serdem camp’s administration in al-Shahba, the internet has been connected to the camp, while the administration is working to open a park where children's games would be available.

The space of ​​the park is 800 square meters. The administration has laid the corner stone for the park. It is supposed that flowers and trees would be planted, and toys for children would be put in the park.

And the people were subjected to psychological pressures in view of what the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries practiced against them.

According to the administrator of the camp Mohammed Haidar, the goal of delivering the internet is for the people to be connected to the external world, while Mohammed noted that the goal of establishing the park is to recreate and provide a place for children to play there.

Furthermore, Haidar said that they will continue to complete other projects, such as the opening of a garage as soon as possible.



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