Series of actions on occasion of August 15 by guerrilla

1 intelligence officer and 9 soldiers of the Turkish army were killed in a series of actions by the guerrillas who saluted the 35th anniversary of August 15, HPG Press Center announced.

“On August 15, our forces carried out a series of actions against the Turkish army to salute the 35th anniversary of the August 15 lunge as part of the Martyr Bager and Martyr Ronya Revolutionary Move,” HPG Press Center said.

The actions were carried out in Yuksekova and Cukurca districts of Hakkari. The guerrillas entered four military positions in Yuksekova, with seven casualties. In Cukurca two soldiers were killed in two actions, while in Amed one intelligence officer was killed.


Details from the actions were announced as follows:

“At 04:50, our forces carried out a raid action against the invading Turkish army’s bases on the Martyr Afat Hill in Hakkari’s Gever (Yuksekova) district. Our forces advanced to the enemy positions and entered four of them, destroying the positions and killing seven soldiers. Our forces simultaneously took the other positions under fire. After the action, in the evening hours the invading Turkish army brought helicopters to the Sate and Martyr Afat hills. Our forces targeted the Kobra and Skorksy type helicopters flying over the area and the helicopters were forced to leave.


At 08:30 our forces carried out a sabotage action against a Turkish army vehicle cruising on the road between the Guvenlik Hill and the Bilican Regiment in Hakkari’s Cele (Cukurca) district. The vehicle was destroyed and 2 soldiers were killed. 3 soldiers were injured. After the action the invading Turkish army removed their casualties with armored vehicles.

At 09:30 and 19:45 our forces carried out two actions against invaders positioned on the Koordine Hill in Cele. Enemy positions and shelters were hit effectively in these actions but the number of casualties could not be ascertained.


“On July 23 at 13:30 our forces carried out an action against a vehicle that belonged to intelligence officers in the Sehitlik district of central Amed. The enemy vehicle was hit at close range and 1 intelligence officer was killed while 3 others were injured. Our unit returned to their base safely.”

The statement said the following on the Turkish airstrikes against Medya Defense Zones:

“On August 10 at 16:;00 and 23:30 fighter jets bombed the Meyroke area of the Gare region.

On August 11 at 11:00 fighter jets bombed the Martyr Kendal area in the Haftanin region.

On August 13 in the morning hours fighter jets bombed the Kesta area in the Metina region.

On August 14 at 11:00 fighter jets bombed the Sikefta Birindara area in the Zap region and the Birikim area in Xakurke at 11:30.

On August 15 at 17:30 fighter jets bombed the Sikefta Birindara area again.

On August 16 in the early morning the Birikim area in Xakurke and Sida area in Zap were bombed.

On the August 14 bombings against the Zap region, one of our friends was martyred. In other bombings, we have not suffered any losses. The identity of our martyred friend will be shared with the public at a later time.”


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