Series of arrest, looting of agricultural crops still ongoing in Afrin

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue to kidnap civilians in Afrin canton and take them to unknown destinations, the mercenaries impose a policy of monopolization and control over the prices of the remaining wheat and barley season in Afrin after the burning of vast areas of cultivated land.


A reliable source from Khalilka village in Bulbul district told ANHA agency's correspondent that the mercenaries of the occupation army kidnapped eight villagers, including a girl, about two months ago on fabricated charges.

The source revealed to ANHA agency the names of the kidnapped men: Ahmad Hussein, 22 years old, Abdo Manan Abdulkader 23 years, Ezzedine Ahmed Mohammed 27, Masoud Abdelkader Ibrahim 25 years, Dijwar Fadel Rashid Mohamed 21 years, Mohamed Fadel Rashid Mohamed 20 years, Hamza Shaban Ibrahim 27 years old and the girl Asia Shaban Ibrahim, 18 years old), without any information about their status so far.

In Janders district, a source revealed that one of the sons of Jamil Shita, a resident of Kurba village, was arrested several times and demanded a ransom each time they arrested him, which led to a heart attack.

Looting of agricultural crops and selling them at exorbitant prices

On the other hand, sources revealed that mercenaries deliberately steal and plunder large areas of wheat and barley crops belonging to the people of Afrin before they grew up, not to mention the burning of thousands of hectares of crops.

The sources confirmed that the mercenaries follow the policy of monopoly and control prices for wheat and barley crops in terms of selling the season below the normal price, where the kilogram of wheat is 100 SP, while the barley of 90 SP, compared with last year was the price of the kilo reached to 180 SP depending on quantity and quality.

The mercenaries export the season to the areas occupied by Idlib and Atima, south of Janders area of Afrin canton, at high prices, where soft wheat is sold with 200 SP, hard wheat of the highest quality at 250 SP, while barley is sold at 150 SP.

This led to the reluctance of some farmers to sell their season, while others were forced to sell their season at cheap prices and with loss.



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