Serxwebûn Bengîn 's family Russia is responsible to martyrdom our son

Serxwebûn Bengîn 's family blamed Russia for the martyrdom at the hands of the Turkish occupation soldiers during his protest with the residents to refuse to cross the of the Turkish occupation army's vehicles. They said, "We hold the Russian Federation responsible for the martyrdom of our son because it is the guarantor of the agreement."

The Russian patrol Turkey, which is considered the three of its kind to enter northeastern Syria, according to the agreement between the two sides, and this patrol received a popular rejection of any patrol of the Turkish occupation in the region, where the Turkish occupation continued in its violations and attacked civilians where a young man was martyred and others were injured.

In this context, the martyr's family Serxwebûn Bengîn Ali issued a written statement to the public opinion on the martyrdom of his son at the hands of the Turkish occupation and held the Russian Federation responsible.

The statement read:

A Russian-Turkish patrol came out on 8 November in the region of Alian located north of Çil Agha and Girkê Legê, and the people of the region passed through the joint Russian-Turkish patrol with topless in expressing of their rejection and condemnation of the Turkish aggression against our cities and villages in northern and eastern Syria.

During the tour of the joint patrol in the area of Alian, one of the armored vehicles of the Turkish occupation ran over our son Serxwebûn Bengîn Ali while expressing with topless people of their refusal and indignation to cross Turkish occupation's vehicles, which exodus thousands of people in the region and committed several massacres against civilians.

After running over the Turkish armor on Serxwebûn Bengîn, he was transferred to the Deirk Hospital for receiving treatment, but he was martyred there.

Therefore, we as the family of the martyr Serxwebûn Bengîn Ali we hold the Russian Federation martyrdom of our son because it is the guarantor of the agreement concluded.





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