Settlement project by Turkey go on in occupied areas

A new batch of the Syrian refugees was settled in occupied areas by the Turkish occupation state, namely in the city of Gire Spi.  

On 14 May the Human Rights Organization- Afrin-Syria documented that a batch made up of 100 Syrian refugees coming from Homs, Aleppo, Idlib and Eastern Ghuta were settled in the Gire Spi region.

According to local sources they were settled in Laiel and Iskan two quarters in the city of Gire Spi after its indigenous Kurdish inhabitants were displaced by the Turkish occupation forces and the affiliated mercenary groups after the occupation of the city in 2019.

According to the source, the so-called Civil Council affiliated to the Turkish occupation state notified owners of a number of houses near the Dawar al-'Elem, 'Flag Circle', to evict their houses but the notification was rescinded due to the popular agitation shown by locals.

Sources told ANHA that those returned were promised by Turkey of preferential allurements and that they could visit Turkey 4 timer per year.

Promises include that children of the returnees would carry on their education in Turkish and financial support to run projects in the newly created settlements.



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