Settlers cut down trees in Afrin, contradictions between them amounted to a fight

The Turkish occupation continues to resettle the families of mercenaries from Idlib in Afrin, amid contradictions between these settlers, while these settlers cut down trees in Afrin.

Since the occupation of Afrin, the Turkish occupation has been changing the demography of the region by settling the families of the mercenaries who left their territories in accordance with the agreements concluded between the Turkish occupation and Russia.

In this context, a local source from Afrin reported that the Turkish occupation brought settlers from mercenary families in Idlib and transferred them to the villages and districts of Afrin.

The source explained that there are significant differences emerging between the families of the mercenaries, especially between those coming from Idlib on the one hand, and those who came from other areas on the other hand, and these contradictions reached the extent of quarrels, the source said: "Within the city of Afrin, there are daily quarrels between the families that the Turkish occupation have brought to Afrin.”

In a related context, a source explained that the families of the mercenary settlers in the village of Satya of Mobata district, Kafr Dallah of Janders area not only cut fruit trees, and perennials in the region, to sell them as firewood, but also power posts."

It is noteworthy that fruit trees, especially olives are one of the most important landmarks of the Afrin region, where the number of olive trees reached about 14 million olive trees, and today the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries cut and burn these trees.


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