Settling 64,000 people of mercenaries' families in Afrin

About 60,000 mercenaries' families have been settled in Idlib province in Afrin canton and occupied areas of al-Shahba by the Turkish occupation, and the number of the setters reached to 64,000 after the displacement of the indigenous people.

As part of the policy of the demographic change of the region, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue the process of settling the families of mercenaries who are coming from Idlib in Afrin province and the cities of the occupied areas of al-Shahba (Azaz, al-Bab, Jarablus and al-Rai).

A special source told Hawar news agency (ANHA) that about 190 thousand people from the families of the mercenaries of Heyat Tahrir la-Sham (previously Jabhet al-Nusra) displaced from the city of Idlib, and were settled in the area of Afrin and Azaz till al-Bab, Jarablus and al-Rai.

Settling 60,000 in Afrin city

Thousands of families of mercenaries, especially the mercenaries of Heyat Tahrir al-Sham, supported by the Turkish occupation have been heading toward the area of Afrin since the beginning of May, especially after the intensification of battles between the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and the regime forces in the countryside Idlib and Hama.

Through the resettlement of the families of its mercenaries, the Turkish occupation seeks to change the demographics of the region and practice the genocide through immoral acts and abuses against the indigenous peoples.

On June 4, our agency (ANHA) published an article entitled "Settling 4,000 people from Idlib in Afrin".

We received new information indicating the resettlement of 60 thousand people from the families of the mercenaries of Heyat Tahrir al-Sham in the areas of "Janders, Shia, Bulbul, Shera, and the center of the city of Afrin."

Random camps

The settlers opened random camps between the village of Deir Ballout in Janders district and Atma camp for the displaced, in addition to the establishment of random camps in the village of Mala Khalil in Janders district.



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