Several areas in Syria witnessed heavy raids, bombardment, 47 citizens killed

With the continuation of the escalation for 71 days consecutively, more than 47 citizens have been killed in the so-called of the " De-escalation" zones with the continuation of the bombardment of Syria regime with the explosive barrel in several areas in the countryside of Latakia, Hama and Idlib amid violent clashes with mercenaries supported by the Turkish occupation.

 The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the forces of the Syrian regime bombed by explosive barrel in several places in the village of al-Sarmanih in Sahal al-Gab and axis Kubana in Jabal al-Akrad in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

While continuing to bombard the regime forces with dozens of rockets in the areas of Tel-Melah and al-Jabeen and al-Hammyat and Murek in the countryside of Hama, the axis of al-Qasabiya in the southern countryside of Idlib and other places, and the villages of Rayyan and Sheikh Idris and Bajas in the eastern countryside of Idlib, and villages of Zammar and Jazraya in the southern countryside of Aleppo, that resulted in the wounding woman by the selling of the city of Jisr al-Shughour.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented during the 71st day of the heaviest escalation, the killing of 47 people in areas called of the" De-escalation", that resulted in the killing 23 elements of the regime forces during mercenaries' attacks on axes Jabal Turkman in the north-eastern countryside of Latakia, and killing 16 mercenaries during the air strikes on the same axes.

In addition, 5 civilians were killed in the outskirt of Deir al-Sharqi village in the town of Ma'ri al-Nu'man and 3 other civilians from one family during the shelling of mercenaries on the outskirts of the village of Ghorin, which is controlled by the regime northwest of Hama.

According to the Observatory, Syrian aircraft carried out 80 air raids since Wednesday morning on areas in the vicinity of al-Ltmanah and Khan Sheikhan and its outskirts and the surrounding area and KefarBatikah and the airport of Taftnaz military and Sheikh Mustafa and KafarsGana and the outskirt y of Deir al-Sharqi ,Jabala , Marzita and the surroundings of Habit town and al-Kayyasiyat and the outskirt of Sinqul in the countryside of Idlib, and around the town of Kafr Halab and al-Bouabia  in the southern countryside of Aleppo, in addition to Kafarzita, al-Thamna and the outskirts of Murek north of Hama, amid violent clashes with mercenaries supported by the Turkish occupation.

 Russian planes have also launched 20 raids on areas in Khan Sheikhon, Kafrain, Jabala, Ma'arzita and Rakaya Sjana, south of Idlib.



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