Several projects are underway in Manbij camp for receiving winter season

As winter season approaches Manbij administration's camp is working hard for preparation to receive winter season, through the replacement of tents and many service projects are being worked.

Summer season having come to end 2019, and and the approaching winter, Manbij camp's administration, which is responsible for preparing the camp to receive the coming winter, to carry out several measures, and preparatory projects for the camp in its first and second sections, which includes approximately 785 tents for the displaced.

Many tents in the camps have been worn, as well as the rainwater have been leaked inside the tents.

In this regard, our agency (ANHA) held a meeting with the co-chair of Manbej Ibrahim al- Mustafa Camp, who said: "The camp administration is currently replacing the damaged tents for the camp residents, and we are studying the camp restoration project."

Mustafa added: "We are studying the project of pouring floors in preparation for the reception of winter, and protect the residents from the heavy rains that fall in the winter, in addition to the construction of a wall with a height of 20 centimeters, and the project of expanding the camp, and granting new tents for families of more than ten people within the tent, with the aim of relieving pressure from the tents. "

Camp's administration has completed the replacement of all the tents in the first section of the camp, and began to replace the tents to be replaced in the second section, which number 135 due to the need of residents to replace, note that the work of the project will end this week.



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