Severe decline in Euphrates River level threatens summer season in al-Raqqa, its countryside

The Agriculture and Irrigation Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council called on the farmers in al-Raqqa city and its countryside to fully adhere to the agricultural plan in place in order to alleviate the effects of the severe shortage of water in the Euphrates River.

After the significant low in the water level of the Euphrates River as a result of the Turkish state using water as a weapon to pressure the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, many institutions concerned with this matter resorted to taking many measures to codify the water needs in proportion to the water supply.

The Agriculture and Irrigation Committee of the Civil Council of al-Raqqa had developed an agricultural plan for the current summer and winter agricultural season, the aforementioned agricultural plan aims to irrigate approximately 103,000 hectares divided into 35% for the summer season, and 65% for the winter season.

In turn, the Head of the Irrigation Office in al-Raqqa Civil Council Fadel Mostafa demanded the farmers to abide by the agricultural plan and rationalize water consumption, taking into account the conditions in the region, noting that maintaining the water storage is the responsibility of everyone.

Fadel Mostafa stressed that "the farmers' commitment to the agricultural plan contributes to alleviating the effects of the severe shortage in the water of the Euphrates."

 Fadel Mostafa added: "Turkey has resorted through several methods to targeting Syria and its infrastructure. Today, the water is being used in covert please by the international community which is appeared through its silence on the Turkish practices against the Syrian people."

At the end of his speech, the head of the Irrigation Office demanded the Syrian government, as it still bears the burden of political representation for Syria on the international scene and in the United Nations forums, to present to these parties the issue of depriving Syria of its dues of the water that Turkey is still violating to this point..



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