Sezai Temelli: Results of Turkish elections will cast shadow over Syria too

HDP Co-chair Sezai Temelli said that there were negative reactions from the Turkish society to the policies of the Turkish government's external authority, which proved its failure, noting that the change that will be brought in the next Turkish elections will have an impact on the Syrian situation.

HDP Co-chair Sezai Temelli said in an interview conducted with the Hawar News Agency on the preparations for the local elections in Turkey on March 31 and the assessment of the Turkish political situation towards Syria, noting that the Turkish authorities are trying to cover their economic collapse with the policy of creating wars.

Temelli added, "On the one hand, our party continues to campaign, and the candidates of our party struggle against the pressures exerted by the agents who have been appointed by the Turkish authorities, rather than the Kurdish mayors who were dismissed. In the municipalities that HDP won in the last elections and rejected the policies of war which they are trying to create. On the other hand, the AKP has created an atmosphere of direct hostility against our party in cooperation with the security forces and those who deal with us in threatening language.

Turkey, on the one hand, is trying to get out of the dark. On the other hand, this darkness, which was imposed on it by the authorities, is hindering Turkey's development and its openness towards freedom and democracy.

The people will thwart the power tricks in the elections

Temelli says that in the stage of conflict experienced by Turkey, the good will win, and noted that dictates that in Turkey are increasing day by day, and that the authority cannot develop solutions "In Turkey, the people aspire to extricate themselves from pressure and injustice, and there is a state of anger in Turkey as a result of the high prices caused by the deterioration of the Turkish lira, so the Turkish authorities are trying to cover these problems by following the policy of war and threatening language in an attempt to prolong their life.

Turkey is trying to pursue the policy of war and said: "The Turkish authority is politically shaken, and we are in a period where there is no exit from the economic, political and social crisis that is raging the country. So far, the AKP is trying to exploit internal and external wars to stay in power as long as possible."

"If Daesh is defeated in Syria today, the other terrorist groups cannot protect themselves even in Idlib, this indicates a strong awareness and will among the Syrian people who have begun significant and important steps towards solving and ending their crisis," Temelli said.

Power in Turkey does not want to find a solution to the Syrian crisis

On the Syrian issue Temelli said: "Power in Turkey does not want to find a solution to the Syrian crisis, and the reasons for prolonging the life of the crisis caused by the failure of the Turkish policy, and the only solution to the Syrian crisis is in  the hands of its people, so they have to find a common solution and the international community must support this kind of solution.

Temelli said that the stage of change which is coming to Turkey, will be brought by the local elections, and will inevitably cast a shadow over the Syrian situation also, and will open the way for a democratic solution in Syria.

The resistance of hunger strikers is a reaction against isolation and silence

Temelli stressed that the Kurdish people are stepping up their struggle at all levels. "At this sensitive stage, the Kurdish people have stepped up their resistance against isolation and silence towards the injustice inflicted on the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people continue to struggle for a long time on this geography, but unfortunately,  there is still blackout and international silence about it, and although the conditions of strikers health are going through a very serious stage, yet we have not seen any reaction from the international community and human rights organizations.

He concluded: " there is a fact that must be realized by all, If there is no solution to the Kurdish cause, there can be no peace in Turkey and the Middle East."



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