Shaheen: We hope Kobani to be platform of Syrian crisis' end as was beginning of IS' defeat

Mohammed Shaheen, the co- chairs' deputy of the Executive Council of the Euphrates region, said during a speech at the Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum that the beginning of Daesh's defeat was in Kobani, wishing that Kobani would be a platform for the beginning of the Syrian crisis' end.

The third Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum organized by the Syrian Democratic Council under the slogan "From the Syrian Social Contract to the New Democratic Era" will continue to deliver speeches.

The joint vice-presidency of the Executive Council in the Euphrates region Mohammed Shaheen welcomed the participants and said, "This canton which was turned into a model of co-existence and a symbol of peace and love, hosted tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing the war from all parts of Syria, and did not spare their people to shelter and feed them, and shared with them their home and their livelihood.

Shaheen pointed out that the city of Kobani was exposed to the worst terrorist attack in the contemporary history, and added, "Every inch of this land was watered with blood, and in each house, there is a martyr or martyrs and every street has a story, epic and legends. All we have done are that we speak a language other than their language, we practice a culture other than their culture, we belong to a homeland called Syria, and we have a project for all the Syrians.

Shaheen commemorated during his speech hundreds of thousands of Syrian people who were victims of the conflicts in Syria, and touched upon the occupation of the Syrian territories, raising non-Syrian flags, and preventing learning and speaking in the mother tongue in reference to "Idlib, Afrin, Azaz, al-Bab and Jarablus occupied by Turkey.

And added, "Syria is a generous land, and the Syrian people are generous. We have enough villages, towns and cities to hold platforms for dialogue from outside platforms. We hope that Kobani will become a starting point for a comprehensive Syrian political solution. We hope that this conference will be held in Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Lattakia and Daraa, instead of Istanbul, Riyadh, Cairo, Moscow and Astana. These platforms have brought us nothing but destruction and havoc."

He pointed out at the end of his speech that the moral and historical mission towards Syria and its people is the responsibility of everyone to reach a political solution to achieve the Syrians' rights and dignity, and put an end to their suffering.



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