​​​​​​​Shahin: Turkey violates international agreements, keeps attacking the region

Muhammad Shahin, the Co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region, said that the Turkish occupation state does not abide by international agreements, and continues its attacks on northeast Syria and other countries in the Middle East, against the backdrop of the United Nations calling for a global ceasefire to confront the Corona pandemic.

At a time when the UN is calling for a 90-day global ceasefire to devote itself to confronting the threat of the Corona pandemic, the Turkish occupation state seeks to increase its presence in Syria, Libya and Iraq and commits more crimes against people of these countries.

Turkey has violated all agreements with regard to Girê Spî / Tel Abyad and Serêkaniyê / Ras Al-Ain, as several axes in the vicinity of these areas, in addition to Al-Shahba and Afrin area, witness daily shelling by Turkey and its mercenaries, not to mention the violation of it. International warnings not to interfere in Libyan affairs.

Turkey, as usual, has also overtaken these warnings, striking all international conventions against the wall and without respecting the sovereignty of neighboring countries amid the international community's silence.

The Co-chair of the Executive Council of the AA in the Euphrates region, Mohamed Shahin, says in an interview with "Hawar" News Agency that "although the resolutions of the Security Council or the United Nations seeks to find out peaceful solutions at a time the entire world is endangered by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, violations and crimes of the State of Turkey continue against the civilians, violating all international laws and calls. "

An occupation policy pursued by Turkey in Syria and the Middle East

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkey has exacerbated and perpetuated the crisis by supporting the radical terrorist and Salafi groups for their interests. These inhuman practices continue on a daily basis against the people in northeast of Syria, even though the agreements concluded over and over among the guarantor countries in Syria to stop the war bleeding.

Shahin notes that this comes within the policies of the Turkish occupation government in the Syrian territories and in the Middle East as a whole.

Since Turkey's occupation of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî / Tel Abyad,  it does not respect the Turkish-Russian-America agreements for a ceasefire in northeast of Syria.

Shahin notes that "Turkey does not respect international ethical covenants, so Turkey has not only violated agreements with these countries, but has gone farther than that to reach out to the waters of the Mediterranean, Libya, Iraq and several countries in the east, because it has occupation-founded policies."

The international community must stop Turkey

The international community did not fulfill its duty to stop the Turkish violations and the massacres of their mercenaries in the so-called "Syrian National Army", but met them in silence.

The Co-chair of the Executive Council of the AA in the Euphrates region, Muhammad Shahin, expressed his hope that the international community will take more serious stances to stop the Turkish occupation and support the radical factions that mess with the people of Syria, and to put an end to it in Syria.

Regarding the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' call for a global cease-fire, he says, "Since SC launched its support for the 90-day ceasefire decision by Guterres worldwide, Turkey has not stopped its attacks in the northeast of Syria, in addition to the aerial bombardment of innocent citizens in northern Iraq.

He explained that "Turkey seeks to be a dominant force in the Middle East, and not only in Syria. It declares with regard to the regions of Syria that it wants to create safe areas, but the inhuman and immoral violations committed by the factions supported by it against the people of the occupied Syrian cities continue."

At the end of his speech, Shahin said that "the Turkish occupation state has violated previous international agreements, and existing agreements, and will violate everything that comes in the future because the Turkish presence in Syria is basically illegal."



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