Shahuz Hassan: Any Turkish attack will have repercussions on US, Russian policy

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Shahuz Hassan said that dialogue is the basis for the continuation of peace, stressing at the same time that any attack will face a great resistance and will have repercussions on US and Russian policy.

Recently, Turkey increased its military buildup, brought in soldiers and heavy weapons and began digging trenches. The Turkish reconnaissance planes are flying between now and then in the skies of Kobani and Gire Spi cantons.

These hostile Turkish moves and their intransigence in the establishment of the so-called "safe zone" of 32 km in the north-east of Syria.

Shahuz Hassan made statements to ANHA in this regard.

Turkey renewed its threat after Daesh was defeated

Hassan explained that Turkey, seeks to undermine the security of the region in any way, saying that "many times the close connection between the Turkish state and Turkey proved to be behind the attacks of mercenaries." Finally, Turkey used mercenary groups in the occupation of Afrin, the main objective is to occupy part of the Syrian territory, with the first moments of the Syrian crisis, Turkey planned to occupy the whole of Syria, Erdogan was saying, "in a few days we will be in Damascus." Turkey is now seeking to occupy the liberated region, Turkey aims to eliminate the Autonomous Administration."

Turkish threats re-energize Daesh

"There are a large number of detained mercenaries," he warned, "but there are efforts being made in this regard, but the Turkish threats against the north-east of Syria are giving back to the mercenaries." The Turkish state will try to move against the democratic experiment."

Turkey wants to turn the Daesh's defeat into a victory

"The Turkish state is a threat to the security of the region," he said, adding that "Turkey wants to avenge Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra, the policy of genocide against the Kurds will be applied if Turkey attacks the region."

"The Ottoman Empire committed massacres against the Kurds, Syriac, Armenians, Yezidis and Arabs," Hassan said, referring to the Ottoman massacres: "The massacres have not happened for a very long time, and now Erdogan says," I will revive the Ottoman Empire."

The threats would affect Syria and the future of the region

Turkish claims that "no bullet was fired from northeastern Syria towards Turkey, on the contrary, all the attacks on the border were from the Turkish side ... Turkey threatens the security and peace of the region, the Turkish threats must be stopped." The international community and the United Nations have to know that Turkey threatens the Syrian territory and the future of the region. "

'Turkey wants to achieve many goals'

The head of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), stressed that the countries concerned if they are willing to protect the region, they must block the way to the Turkish intervention "Turkey wants to achieve more than one goal: First, the occupation of part of the Syrian territory and the genocide of the Kurds. "Turkey wants a government linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish state, and this is a very dangerous situation," he said.

'There will be great resistance in the face of attacks'

Hassan said that the areas of north-east Syria are safe areas and that Turkey is threatening its security, "the international forces must protect the security of the region, dialogue is the basis, but if Turkey did not take the dialogue as the basis for the solution and attacked then we will resist."

'Turkey has intention to attack'

"There is no doubt that Turkey has an intention to attack northeastern Syria and has brought heavy weapons and mercenary groups to the border," he said, "everyone should know that a Turkish attack will not only bring chaos to the people of the region, the attack will give an opportunity for the regime and Iran to enter the region, "the attack will have repercussions on American and Russian politics, too."

'Turkey is in a critical situation'

"The Turkish government, the AKP government and the MHP are suffering from economic, political and social crises," he said, adding that the Turkish people, through the recent elections, chose democracy and said to Erdogan, "We no longer accept your policies.

" if Turkey launched attack on the north-east of Syria, it not find solutions to the problems of Turkey. "Erdogan and his government have no right to launch an attack on northeastern Syria.



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