Shammar notables: clans, peoples of region will fail conspiracy against leader Ocalan

The elders of the Shammar Arab tribe in Tel Hamis district of Qamishlo canton confirmed: "The Arab and Kurdish tribes and all the peoples of the region in their unity and belief in the leader Ocalan's thought and the implementation of the project of the democratic nation are capable of thwarting the conspiracy that the world-dominated capitalist forces of modernity have plotted against the leader Ocalan."

After 21 years since the kidnapping and isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan alone between 4 walls in Imrali Prison, surrounded by all directions with water, an area of ​​9.98 km², these practices are clear indication to the whole world how Turkey suppresses free thought, because not only it isolated the leader from the world between four walls, but his isolation is on an island that is considered a prison of the Ottomans.

Several countries participated in the conspiracy against leader Abdullah Ocalan in February 15, 1999, and this conspiracy continues despite the passing of 21 years, but that conspiracy has become useless thanks to the peoples of the region that adopted Ocalan's thought and applied it.

Regarding ways to thwart this conspiracy against Ocalan, Ahmed al-Shatti, notable of Amoud clan related to Shammar tribe: "the clans can foil the conspiracy against leader Ocalan, through the unity of the clans, and publish the project of the leader among the peoples."

Al-Shatti described the project of leader Abdullah Ocalan as a great project, and said: "No man has emerged cultivating love and brotherhood among people, and he gives to every persecuted his right like leader Ocalan."

Leader Ocalan's project has hindered Turkey's movement in the region

Al-Shatti noted: “The ideas of the leader Ocalan hindered the movement of the Justice and Development Party in the region, and when the tribes and components of the region are one hand, they can repel any conspiracy, whether against the leader Ocalan or the peoples of the region.”

Al-Shatti also explained: "The conspiracy extends up to the moment against Ocalan and the peoples of the region by sending the terrorists that Turkey made to our region, terrorism that pillaged, plundered, killed and abandoned our people, but with the thought of leader Ocalan we were able to build and establish a cohesive society and become one hand, so the Turkish conspiracy ended on our country, and the leader Ocalan, and releasing him, is achieved by clans standing next to each other, fending off aggression, and bypassing the SDF that liberated the region. "

The plot targets the Middle East

As for Hammad Al-Musaed, one of the elders of Shammar tribe in the village of Rabia, he said: "The conspiracy targeted the entire Middle East, and in particular the ideology of the democratic nation advocated by Abdullah Ocalan, this is what we now live in northern and eastern Syria."

Hammmad added: "The failure of the conspiracy lies in people's awareness, the cohesion between all clans, the unification of its opinion against any conspiracy affecting the region, and the demand to release Ocalan, because Turkish state’s behavior is unacceptable, because it stands against the people who struggle with the ideology of the leader Ocalan, so this thought is correct because it calls for the unity of peoples and their brotherhood, and coexistence. "



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