Sharabyyin clan calls on Arab League to take action against Turkish settlements

The Sharabyyin clan representative in Syria warned of the dangers posed by the settlement project by the Turkish occupation state in both Syria and Iraq and the Middle East at large.

On 3 May Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country seeks to return voluntarily more than a million Syrian refugees living in Turkey to northern Syria.

The Turkish projects aims to build more than a 100 hundreds in Sere Kaniye, Tal Abyad, Jarablus and Azaz in addition to 67 settlements already built by the Turkish occupation state in occupied areas in Afrin Canton. This caused a wide scale discontent and rejection in NES both by people and official bodies.

While local associations say the settlement project is to create a demographic change in the region and to deport the Kurds from their lands on the whole border line and to create zones of influence under the Turkish occupation and mercenary groups to be later annexed to Turkey.  

To shed light on the issue ANHA met Thabet Jawhar, Sharabyyin representative in Syria who said that the Turkish occupation state since the very onset of the Syrian crisis Turkey practises a systematic policy of engineering a demographic change in the population and unfortunately, all this is done by some Arab countries such as Qatar and Kuwait. 

Jawhar said this kind of settlements pave the way for a new phase of occupations by targeting essential and main patriotic components of the Syrian people''.

The Sharabyin's noted ''that the case of targeting the city of Afrin especially by building settlements the matter which means targeting the cultural and identity of Syrian Afrin''.

Thabet Jawhar condemned the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation state and the supporting countries in settling Syrian refugees in occupied areas, saying:'' we as Sheikhs and notables of the tribes we denounce such breaches by the Turkish occupation state and the Arab supporting countries in this settlement project''.

Sharabyyin's called on the Arab League, and the Gulf Council to put an end to the Arab countries that support such settlements and breaches and the violations committed in Syria laying much stress on the position adopted by Qatar and Kuwait.

Jawhar warned against the crimes of the Turkish occupation state by building settlements that are supported by Muslim Brotherhood linked associations and institutions in Qatar and Kuwait that facilitates the mission of Erdogan and his government to proceed with its expansionist and colonial project in the Middle East in general and in Syria and Iraq in particular. ''it seeks to make rifts between peoples of the region by passing projects and policies of annihilation of indigenous peoples and cultures by creating demographic changes in the whole region.

Thabet Jawhar, Sharabyyin representative in Syria concluded by saying building settlements is a Syrian issue at large and a Kurdish one in particular.



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