Sheik of al-Mashada clan: Clans must join hands to repel occupation attacks

The notable of al-Mashada clan in Merkada district south of al-Hasakah canton called from all the Arab clans to join hands together to confront the attacks and external interventions to preserve the gain that have been achieved in the areas by martyrs' sacrifices.

The notable of al-Mashada clan in Merkada district, Khalil al-Hamada denounced the colonial projects of the major countries in Syria, which they seek to achieve at the expense of the gains and aspirations of the Syrian people, so each of these countries seeks to impose its hegemony on the region, and impose its own ideas and beliefs in order to strengthen and prove its presence on the ground.

Hawar news agency ANHA interviewed with the Sheikh, noting to the necessity of joining forces between clans and all components of the region to repel the occupation attacks.

He pointed out that these countries seek to plunder the wealth of the region under various pretexts and under the pretext of protecting civilians.

Al-Hamada called the Arab clans in Deri-ez-Zor and areas under the domination of Iranian militias to be vigilant from external plots on the area.

He considered the Turkish intervention in the regions of northern and eastern Syria as "the most insidious colonial projects that Turkey aims to achieve, and through which it seeks to restore the history of the Ottoman Empire that had occupied the region for four centuries, spread its backwardness, and fought the science in order to keep it under its influence." Today, it is on the same path, to repeat the history of grandparents in the hands of the children. "

He emphasized that the goal of this aggression, and at this particular time, is to "destabilize the security and stability of the north and east of Syria, and to destroy its gains made thanks to the sacrifice of the martyrs from all the spectra and components of the peoples of the region," which raised the concern of the Turkish occupation state, and prompted it to use various tools to demolish this homogeneous structure.



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