Sheikh al-Haws: Russia and Turkey seek to starve NE, Syria residents

The notable of al-Haws clan, said that Turkey and Russia are trying to starve the peoples of northern and eastern Syria by closing the crossings and cutting off the waters of the Euphrates River in order to starve the region, and he stressed that the clans are aware of their goals and stand with the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Last week, the Damascus government forces closed al-Tabqa crossing, connecting its areas of control and the Autonomous Administration areas in northern and eastern Syria, permanently, last week, while the Turkish authorities cut off the Euphrates waters from Syria, since last February.

During an interview conducted by ANHA agency with the notable of al-Haws clan in al-Raqqa, Daham al-Shibli, he confirmed that cutting off the waters of the Euphrates River and closing the crossings between the areas of the Damascus government and the Autonomous Administration is an agreed upon matter aimed at starving the peoples of the region.

Al-Shibli also indicated that these actions that Turkey and Russia are practicing are criminal acts against the Syrian people, and through which they want to sow discord between the Autonomous Administration and the people, but the tribes of the region are aware of all these practices.

He added that Russia was not a true guarantor in the region, but rather signed agreements with Turkey and handed over the Syrian lands to the Turkish occupation, which is seeking to impose Turkification policy and annex it to its lands, as it did in Afrin, Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad.

Pointing out that the guarantor (Russia) turns blind eye, after cutting water of the Euphrates River, where hundreds of thousands of families live on its banks.

He stressed, "We in the north and east we want a united and one Syria with all its sects and components," stressing "Russia and Turkey's projects aiming at the occupation and dividing Syria."

Al-Shibli stressed that the tribes of northern and eastern Syria and their peoples are aware of all the practices of the two states in the region, and that these tribes support the Syrian Democratic Forces on all fronts.



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