Sheikh Ali: Turkey's occupation of Afrin falls legally, popularly and morally

Mohieldin Sheikh Ali stressed that Turkey's occupation of Afrin has fallen legally, popularly and morally as it is an obstacle to finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis, pointing out that the Syrian crisis cannot be solved as long as Turkey occupies Afrin.

The Turkish occupation army has recently begun to build the separation wall in the vicinity of the occupied city of Afrin in order to separate it from Syria and annex it to the Turkish territory. The occupation also carries out sweeping demolitions and bulldozing of homes of the displaced people of Afrin. "I expect that the Turkish occupation will continue to build the wall in a second phase, from the Citadel of Samaan to the village of Basofan," said Mohieldin Sheikh Ali, secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti), adding that the Turkish occupation began building the partition wall in Sherawa district of Afrin canton to the administrative boundary Idlib."

"The policy of the Turkish state has not changed with the passage of more than a year after the occupation of Turkey and the Islamic Jihadist factions of the city of Afrin," he said.

Mohieldin Sheikh Ali noted that Turkey's policy towards Syria is a policy of occupation, especially in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, particularly the region of Afrin, and said: "because it is a Kurdish region."

The aim was to strike at the will of the people who resist in al-Shahba

He said that the main objective of the construction of the wall is to erase the Kurdish identity in Afrin, to change the demographic situation there, and to strike at the will of the people who resist al-Shahba who wish to return to their homes. He explained: "But the truth is not so in the end the Turkish occupation will come out of Afrin empty-handed, and will return to the border behind."

Turkey's occupation of northern Syria has fallen legally, popularly and morally

He explained that the occupation of Turkey to Afrin , Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz and Idlib "has fallen", legally, popularly, morally, and that Turkey played over the past eight years a negative role in Syria.

He stressed that all Syrian organizations and parties, especially the Kurdish parties, have the right to raise their voices and denounce the policies of the Turkish occupation in the north and east of Syria, in particular the occupation of Afrin, in addition to the struggle against these occupation policies.

Afrin is not like Iskenderun

"If the Turkish occupation does not withdraw from Afrin and northern Syria to its international borders, there will be no solution to the Syrian crisis, when Turkey withdraws, then we can say that the Syrian crisis will go towards solution."

"Today, the Kurdish people have the will, the components of the north and east of Syria have strong will, and continue their social, political and military activities to liberate Afrin. These activities are legitimate under international laws and covenants," Sheikh Ali said.

Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) Mohieldin Sheikh Ali appealed to the Syrian and Kurdish national parties to support the children of Afrin in the areas of al-Shahba, and the Syrian Democratic Forces and all forces trying to liberate Afrin from the Turkish occupation.



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