Sheikh Baqi: hidden schemes behind of forming constitutional committee

Kurdish politician Jamal Sheikh Baqi said that the exclusion of the Syrian Democratic Council from the Syrian constitutional committee is an acknowledgment of the division of Syria, adding that "Syrian-Syrian dialogue is the way to resolve the Syrian crisis.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced on 23 September the formation of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, according to the UN resolution, the committee includes 150 members, one- third of whom are appointed by the regime, and one third by the so-called opposition. While one-third will include representatives of civil society were appointed by the UN envoy to Syria.

Secretary General of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Jamal Sheikh Baqi talked to ANHA agency about the dimensions of the resolution and the hidden plans of the international parties involved in the constitutional committee.

'Step is not serious and misguided'

Sheikh Baqi said that the announcement of the formation of the Constitutional Committee was based on the consensus and understandings of the tripartite summit of the guarantors of Astana held in Ankara this month, "Iran, Turkey and Russia are seeking to strengthen their role in resolving the Syrian crisis, thereby enhancing their role and position in Syria's future. This step is not the right and serious step, and among the objectives of this resolution is to maintain the continuity of the Astana track, and the second is to show the importance of the role of these countries and their place in the path of political solution.

'Exclusion of the Syrian Democratic Council from the Constitutional Committee means recognition of the division of Syria'

Sheikh Baqi referred to certain UN projects on Syria regarding the Constitutional Committee. "The international powers see in themselves that the areas of northern and eastern Syria require a different solution. They are not only part of the Syrian crisis and this region has its own situation. There is a historical dilemma regarding in this area, where the region was exposed to  historic error, this error must be resolved outside the framework of this Constitutional Committee, and the announcement of the Constitutional Committee refers to two things, either the areas of northern and eastern Syria are not part of Syria, or this committee is a failure and useless It does not represent the entire Syrians and will not bring any solution to If it is the optimal solution, this means that the United Nations has certain projects and looks to put the areas east of the Euphrates outside the tracks of the Syrian solution, and therefore they seek to divide Syria, and this is contrary to the will of the peoples of the north and east of Syria, who reject any division. ''

'Syrian-Syrian dialogue is the solution'

Sheikh Baqi said that the preparation of a legal constitution for Syria first requires consensus and understanding between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian regime, adding that "the issues of the region must be resolved through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and before the provisions of the constitution must be prepared ground for the implementation of these provisions. Nine years after the war, it is only possible through dialogue and negotiation between the Syrians themselves.

'After the failure of the Border Security schemes appeared the scheme of the Constitutional Committee'

As for the Turkish efforts and repeated threats to occupy the north and east of Syria, and its insistence on participating in the Constitutional Committee, Sheikh Baqi said, "The issue of border security has not gone as much as the Turkish state wanted it, so Turkey is now seeking to be an influential force in the Constitutional Committee. Border security is the subject of trade-offs, and the internal situation in Turkey, and Turkey is seeking some gains by pressuring on Europe and America, Erdogan realized that he will not be able to attack the areas of northern and eastern Syria where he will face the United States.



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