Sheikh Baqi: Hulusi Akar's tour did not reap Erdogan's aspirations

​​​​​​​The Secretary-General of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party said that the results of the Turkish occupation defense minister, Hulusi Akar, did not meet Erdogan's expectations, so he started to launch threats again, adding " he will seek until the end to implement his plan to occupy the areas extending from Afrin to Şengal

Turkish occupation defense minister, Hulusi Akar, held meetings with officials in Hawler and Bagdad, after the meetings, Erdogan's president launched new threats, saying" May we come by surprise at night, as the cities of Kobani and Tel Rifaat were bombed.

On January 23, Hawar news agency ANHA quoted the sources of the Turkish state’s efforts to launch new attacks against Şengal and the city of Derik in northern and eastern Syria. According to the sources, the attacks are expected to begin within 10 days.

The Secretary -General of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Jamal Sheikh Baqi, spoke to ANHA about the brutal attacks launched by the Turkish state, the results of the Turkish Defense Minister's visit to Baghdad and Hawler, as well as Erdogan's threats.

Phased occupation plan: From Afrin to Ain Dewar and Şengal

Sheikh Baqi touched upon the merits of the Turkish defense minister’s visit and said that the recent Turkish moves did not come out of coincidence: “Hulusi Akar visited both Baghdad and Hawler, in a surprise and secret visit. This came after strenuous efforts to impose a siege on the legitimate defense areas, and the Şengal agreement between al-Kazemi and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the emergence of reactions against this agreement. Turkey wanted to say that “if al-Kazemi is unable to implement this understanding, the Turkish state will do”, what will the Turkish state do? If it can, it will occupy the international borders from Afrin to Ain Dewar and from there to Şengal, and the goal is to besiege NE, Syria. "

They seek to isolate the Autonomous Administration from international borders.

Sheikh Baqi noted that the Turkish state seeks to force the Autonomous Administration to submit to the plans of Russia, the government of Damascus and Turkey, and said in this: “This means imposing the results of the Astana meetings on the Autonomous Administration. This is a deep and long-term interim goal. It is looking for an argument to establish its presence in Şengal then. In the future, reaching the limits of the Milli Charter.

Sheikh Baqi also touched upon the discussions between the Turkish state and the Damascus government: “Russia seeks reconciliation between the Turkish state and the Damascus government. Because there are commonalities between them. The Turkish state seeks to eliminate the Autonomous Administration, and the Damascus government seeks to subject the Autonomous Administration to its control. With Russian mediation, the reasons for these endeavors are: The paper that Turkey was in the hands of is the card of the Syrian opposition and the Syrian coalition, and this paper is almost losing its importance. And before this paper takes effect permanently, Erdogan is seeking to conclude new deals. The deal is an understanding with the government of Damascus over some issues to put pressure on the Autonomous Administration, and all of these Turkish moves aimed at besieging and weakening the Autonomous Administration and isolating it from Kurdistan are all linked to each other.

On the results of the Turkish Defense Minister’s visit, Sheikh Baqi said that the results of the visit came against Erdogan’s expectations, adding: “Under the current international conditions, Erdogan will not be able to launch a major attack, but his efforts will not stop. He seeks to impose a new reality before the American president takes over The new is his duties in the American administration, thus setting new facts in front of America and embarrassing it. The new American administration will not allow Erdogan's policies to be passed as the Trump administration used to do. "

He got no results and started making threats.

Sheikh Baqi also noted that Turkey's understanding with al-Kazemi will not be sufficient to pass his plans: “In Iraq there are 3 presidencies, Parliament, the Presidency of the Republic and the Presidency of the Government. The Presidency of the Government in Iraq does not have all the powers. This means that Hulusi Akar left Baghdad without reaping any results.

This is what prompted Erdogan to launch these threats, as a form of pressure on the Baghdad government and the political parties to accept the agreement with Turkey. The Turkish state realizes that its alliance with the Democratic Party will not be sufficient to occupy Şengal. Rather, there should be supported by Baghdad government. "

Erdogan's target of bombing, "I can do"

After Erdogan's threats, the Turkish state carried out attacks targeting Kobani, Tal Rifaat and Southern Kurdistan, targeting civilians. Sheikh Baqi said about that: "The Turkish bombing and killing of civilians is a Turkish message that 'I can do'. It moves in the downtime. The Iraqi position and the international positions are not on his side, and even if he won the support of al-Kazemi, that would not be enough. And if Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) attacked Şengal, where would the relations between the government of Southern Kurdistan and the government of Baghdad reach? Where here is a crisis in Baghdad and Southern Kurdistan. Therefore, Erdogan will not find the opportunity. However, it is increasing the number of its military bases, working to reinforce its positions and presence in Southern Kurdistan, and expanding the scope of the blockade. "



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