Sheikh Baqi: regime is silent on Turkish occupation of Afrin  

Jamal Sheikh Baqi said that the statement of the Minister of Defense of the Syrian regime must be directed to the Turkish occupation in Afrin and said that " there is great occupation in Afrin, but the regime is silent about it and its remarks are targeting the achievements of SDF."


Syria's Defense Minister, General Ali Abdullah Ayoub, threatened in a joint press conference with Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Othman al-Ghanmi and Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri the areas of North and East of Syria.

The Secretary-General of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria, Jamal Sheikh Baqi, spoke on the threats of the Minister of Defense of the Syrian regime, and said that these statements should have been directed at the Turkish occupation in Afrin.

They were supposed to say that they would liberate Afrin, al-Bab, Idlib, Jrablos and Azzaz from the occupation. Then we could say they had a national sense. The occupation of Afrin is not important for these three countries. Afrin is part of the Syrian territory but is now occupied. The Syrian regime is silent in front of this occupation, but it threatens the areas liberated by SDF and says it will control them with the force of arms. The regime must move against the Turkish occupation, and thus these statements do not serve the interests of the Syrian people, they should first liberate the Syrian territories occupied by Turkey. And their statements only a threat to target security and safety in the North and East of Syria."

Sheikh Baqi explained that the meeting between the leaders of the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian regime was quartet rather than tripartite and said that "the Turkish state was not far from the meeting since ancient times and these four countries are hostile to the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people and their position also appeared in this meeting."

Threats do not serve the solution

Sheikh Baqi pointed out that the Syrian regime, after 8 years of the crisis did not change its mind, and noted that the threats of the Minister of Defense of the Syrian regime is meaningless .

Their goal is to empty the victories of SDF of their content

Sheikh Baqi pointed out at the end of his speech that mercenaries were defeated by the will of the people "No one can deny the existence of the people. The regime with these statements wants to empty the victories of SDF, these threats cannot solve and build a new Syria."



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