Sheikh Hamed Al-Faraj calls on SDF to inflict the most severe penalties on every traitor

Sheikh of al-Walda clan, Sheikh Hamid al-Faraj, demanded that the most severe penalties be imposed on the network of spies and agents that were arrested by the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF as part of the Oath Operation, and stressed the clans’ support for this operation and their support for it.

After the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF announced Oath Operation against the spies and agents operating for the Turkish occupation state, the Syrian Democratic Forces were able to arrest many agents, and the families of the martyrs, sheikhs and clan elders demanded that the most severe penalties be imposed on them.

"The Syrian Democratic Forces arrested a cell loyal to the Turkish occupation, as it transmits information and coordinates from the regions of north and east Syria about the leaders who are defending their land and honor," Sheikh Hamed al-Faraj told ANHA’s agency.

Al-Faraj added, " Turkish occupation state is trying with all its might to strike security and stability in Syria in general, especially in the regions of north and east Syria, with the aim of destabilizing it and spreading chaos, and on this basis it paves the way for its occupation."

And al-Faraj said, "The Turkish occupation state and its security institutions in the region had worked extensively, through the establishment of spies and agents for them, and a large budget has been allocated to them, and it seeks, through the establishment of a network of spies and agents, to shake the confidence of the people of our society, and raise suspicions."

Al-Faraj continued, "All of this comes in the context of keeping them away from their sacred societal values, and on the other hand, it is trying with these dirty methods to target the leaders and fighters of our SDF forces, members of the security forces, and workers in the Autonomous Administration institutions, knowing that these have caused the martyrdom of many of our comrades and national and community figures."

Al-Faraj demanded, in his name and the name of the clans present in the region and the people, that the most severe punishment be imposed on "every agent who is a traitor to the Turkish occupation state, who has sold himself to a state that only wants to shed blood and thwart the democratic nation's project under the pretext of protecting its national security."

Al-Faraj affirmed that the clans stood with the Syrian Democratic Forces, supported them financially, economically and physically, and followed the path of the martyrs until the liberation of every inch of Syria from the abomination of terrorism.

Sheikh of al-Wada clan, Hamid al-Faraj, appealed to the peoples of north and east Syria to be fully aware of the work of the special war departments of the Turkish occupation state and its agents, and to show the highest levels of cooperation with the Internal Security Forces to maintain the security and safety of the region.

He concluded his speech by saying, "Defending the homeland is a duty, and this is our hope and hope from our people that they trust our forces until the end and provide support to them. With this mechanism and this form, we will be able to thwart the enemy's plans to occupy our areas, spread chaos and destabilize them, and we will protect them with full force."



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