Sheikh of Al-Naeem clan in Tabqa demands Damascus government to take stand against Turkish attacks on Syria.

Sheikh of the Al-Naeem clan in Tabqa, Muhammad Al-Naeemy cقNaeemy cerAlan in Al-Tapn Al-Tapqa attacks on Syria.riticized the silence of the Damascus government and their failure to take a serious stance towards Turkish attacks on Syria, calling on it and the Security Council to stop these attacks and Ottoman expansion on Syrian territory.

Since the start of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries`s threats and attacks, the Damascus government did not take any serious stance towards the attacks that targets Syrian lands, amid the escalation of Turkey's statements about the occupation of Syrian territory.

In this regard, sheikh of the Al-Naeem clan, Muhammad Al-Naeemy, says "The Turkish occupation state continues to launch its military attacks on NE Syria using all weapons under the pretext of protection Turkish National Security.

He explains "As sheikhs of Arab clans, we see that the Turkish National Security is not threatened by Manbij and Tal-Rafaat but that the regions occupied by Turkey in NE Syria have become unsafe and they have become a hotbed of terrorism and a center for the revival of ISIS and its top leaders.

Al-Naeemy sees that the escalation of the Turkish occupation state from the language of threats and attacks against NE Syria is "a continuation of its ambitions of reviving the Ottoman again in our regions.”

And he indicated that "despite the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation state on NE Syria and using internationally banned weapons, Human rights organizations and international communities and Damascus government did not move a finger in this regard".

Al-Naeemy continues "SDF made an agreement with Damascus government to protect the Syrian borders but we have not seen any serious and frank stance from the Damascus government against the attacks launched by Turkish occupation and its breach of Syrian borders, violating international laws and charters".

During his speech, Al-Naeemy called on the UN Security Council and human rights organizations to break their silence and take the necessary measures to deter Turkish occupation state and stop the crimes it is committing in NE Syria.

In conclusion of his speech, Al-Naeemy demanded that the Damascus government do its duty to defend the country`s borders and take a clear and frank stance towards the attacks that affect Syrian lands in general.



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